December 2014

Our Future is Higher Education

Higher Ed Conference focuses on completions

Workforce Q&A- My company obtains background reports on applicants as part of our evaluation of candidates for employment. Does the Fair Credit Reporting Act apply to us and, if so, what steps are employers required to take to comply with the FCRA?

End of Year Report: 2014 Chair Dale Young

Member Profile- Smart Start

Chamber of Commerce Good For Business...Good IN Texas

Talk About Business- A Degree of Importance


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November 2014

Saving Time, Trouble and Dollars on Health

TAB Marketplace Has Launched

Workforce Q&A- What happens in terms of damages and injunctive relief when a court blue-lines the non-compete agreement?

Feds Move Closer ti UI Drug Testing Rules

Member Profile- Ryan

TAB Family Ties

National Award for TAB Board Member- Elizabeth Darling President and CEO of the One Star Foundation

Talk About Business- Lack of Congressional Action Could Make Deductions Disappear


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October 2014

Critical Election Approaches

TAB's BACPAC Makes Endorsements.

Workforce Q&A - I heard that a failure to respond to an unemployment claim that results in improper benefit payments will result in penalties over time. My company does not want to dispute the claim, but I think they should still respond -what do you recommend?

Member Profile - Search Homeless Services

BACPAC Endorsements for Texas State House

BACPAC U.S. Congressional Endorsements and Texas Senate.

Talk About Business Why We Need Proposition One


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September 2014

The Doctor Shortage

TAB leads Effort to close the gap.

Workforce Q&A - We have an employee who was let go, and after two month, we rehired him. Does his FAMILY start after the second hire date, or do we go back to the original date?

Member Profile -Alert Services Inc. -Talk To The Hand

Getting Smart on Crime

Making The Case For An Educated Workforce

Talk About Business School Finance: The Never Ending Battle


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August 2014

Changes Needed to Train our Workforce

Comptroller's report lists recommendations.

Workforce Q&A - My company is about to aggressively hire and will likely hire from competitors. What can the company do to best position itself against potential claims by these competitors?

Member Profile - JCM Industries- Nash, Texas

TAB Honored with Advocacy Award- Hammond: Advocate of the Year

2014 Employment Relations Symposium a Big Hit

Talk About Business The New Accountability: When Numbers Lie


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July 2014

The Energy Economy - Texas returns to its economic roots.

Workforce Q&A - Under what circumstances are interns considered employees subject to the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the FLSA?

Member Profile - Imperative Information Group

The TCCE and Transportation

TAB Hosts Day of Action

Talk About Business They're Dreaming in California


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June 2014

Texas in the Bulls Eye - Proposed emissions cut would have huge impact.

Workforce Q&A - Should employers use forensics to complete or audit I-9s?

Member Profile - Lasco Enterprises Striving To Revolutionize The Wine Experience

Miller retires after 49 years of service

TAB Takes DC

Talk About Business We Are Failing on Infrastructure


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May 2014

Why Vote Again? - Voting is even more important in runoff elections.

Workforce Q&A - When an employee is separating from the company and is receiving a severance payment in exchange for a release, what types of provisions should be included or excluded in the release?

Member Profile - VChain Solutions, Inc. One of a kind business education solutions

Setting the PACE

Runoff Election Endorsements - The full list of BAC-PAC runoff endorsements.

Talk About Business New Accountability System Shows System Weakness


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April 2014

House/Senate Begin Work on Key TAB Issue - Study of Prescription Drug Abuse Underway

Workforce Q&A - have a small business in Texas whereby my employees work closely with animals. Can I require all of my employees to get vaccinated for rabies and tetanus? And if they refuse, can I terminate their employment?

Member Profile - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - Committed to Health and Wellness in the Community.

What Comes First: The Chicken or The Job?

Endorsements Released for the Primary Run-off Election - No change in statewide races

Talk About Business Congress Should Support Texas Economy, Reauthorize Export-Import Bank.


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March 2014

The Minimum Wage Debate - Will it cost jobs?

Workforce Q&A - Can my company be held liable for sexual harassment where the employees involved are the same gender?

Member Profile - Pateks Shiner Smokehouse: Bringing Legendary Recipes to the People Since 1937

Pass or Fail - It matters how we grade our schools

Talk About Business We Need Permitting Predictability.


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February 2014

TAB's Business & Commerce PAC (BACPAC) Board Makes Primary Endorsements

Workforce Q&A - Will the judge take recent OSHA fines into consideration when levying USICE fines for I-9 Employment Verification violations?

Member Profile - Process Control Outlet - Customer Service and Quality Care.

Run for the Roses - Texas Style

Talk About Business Scary Number Should Bring Change.


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January 2014

Victory over the NLRB - Poster rule is struck down by court.

Workforce Q&A - How much is the penalty if a person does not get health insurance coverage in 2014?

Member Profile - Burns & McDonell - Making Successful Clients.

A Message from Chairman Dale Young.

Annual Conference Preview

Talk About Business Let the Punishment Fit the Crime.


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December 2013

December 2013


Game Changers - Getting serious abut improving completion rates.

Workforce Q&A - As an employer, what should I be doing to make sure my company's confidential and proprietary information is legally protected?

Member Profile - Cox Logistics, LLC - A productive Powerhouse in the Pipe Industry.

PAVE'ing the Way for Veterans.

Talk About Business Just Attending College Is Not Enough.

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November 2013

TAB Pushes Texas Solutions in Washington

Workforce Q&A - Can we put some type of restriction on time off for military reserve duty?

Member Profile - Business Bank of Texas, N.A.- Focused on Providing Service to the Business Community.

New Affinity Program Offers Life Insurance Help.

Talk About Business Federal Budget Solution Must Include Entitlement Reform.

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October 2013

TAB Board Endorses All Amendments, Early voting begins Oct. 21; Election Day is Nov 5

Workforce Q&A - Can an employer require someone who handles food to take an HIV or AIDS test?

Congressman Hall Honored with Award.

Member Profile - Denver City Dreaming - Bobby & J.M. Trent, an Entrepreneurial Story.

TAB Board Supports Merger.

Talk About Business Quenching Out Thirst.

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September 2013

It Is Dry Out There - Passing Proposition Six Is a Must in November

Workforce Q&A - Do employers have to file their wage reports and pay taxes online now with TWC?

Congressman Hall Honored with Award.

Member Profile - AAA Texas - Premier Roadside Assistance And So Much More.

TAB Supreme Court Victory.

Talk About Business Support Builds for Repeal of Health Insurance Tax.

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August 2013

The Education Session - Where do we go from here?

Workforce Q&A - Americans with Disabilities(ADA) Compliance Question

To fund or Not To Fund - The plan to pull funding from the Affordable Care Act.

Member Profile - Responsive Education Solutions - Providing Hope Through Quality Education.

Legal Watchdogs Kick Off "Small Business Summer" Campaign.

Talk About Business The Texas Biotech Boom Is Around the Corner.

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July 2013

UI Drug Testing Becomes Law

Workforce Q&A - Can we get a second opinion regarding an FMLA certification?

Dedicated Clean Up - There will be more truth in budgeting thanks to HB 7.

Member Profile - Ryan - Innovative Solutions to Taxing Problems.

Lilly Ledbetter Vetoed.

Talk About Business The End of An Era.

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June 2013

Two Priorities, Two Outcomes - This Session's Work on Water and Transportation

Workforce Q&A - How will the Uniform Trade Secrets Act affect Texas business?

Business Tax Relief Passes - Lawmakers and Governor Perry take steps to keep Texas businesses strong.

Member Profile - iKey - The Global Leader in Rugged Peripherals.

Criminal Justice Success.

Talk About Business I for Incomplete.

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May 2013

Crunch time - the 2013 Session Winds Down

Workforce Q&A - If an employee posts something on social media that embarrasses or portrays the company in a negative light, can we fire him?

Business Tax Cut Moving - One of the issues that could cause a special session.

Member Profile - Cintra US - Building Roads and Creating Jobs in Texas.

Sen. Cornyn's Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Talk About Business No Single Solution.

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April 2013

The Push For Gaming In Texas - Keeping our money at home.

Workforce Q&A - How would mandatory E-Verify in a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill impact small business?

Session 2013 - Where our issues stand.

Member Profile - State Tax Group, LLC - A Leader in State and Local Tax.

Best Companies Success.

Talk About Business Investing Isn't Spending.

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March 2013

Watering the Future - Support Grows for fully funding the statewide water plan.

Workforce Q&A - My employee took FMLA leave for his own health condition. He has now exhausted his FMLA leave but has not returned to work. Can I fire him?

To Facebook Or Not to Facebook.

Member Profile - OneStar Foundation - Building a Stronger Nonprofit Sector for a Better Texas.

Highflying Message.

Talk About Business Water is a Top Priority.

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February 2013

The Business Behind Criminal Justice Reform.

Workforce Q&A - My employees dont sign non-competes or non-disclosure agreements. An ex-employee just opened a shop across the street and is raiding my sales people and customers. I feel like she kept some documents. Do I have any remedies?

Tax Cut Drive TAB launches a petition drive for tax relief.

Member Profile - Hochheim Prairie Insurance Texans Serving Texans Since 1892

The Best of the Best.

Talk About Business Our Schools are Broken, Not Broke

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January 2013

Brighter Money Picture Greets Lawmakers.

Workforce Q&A - We have an employee leaving to go to work for a competitor. What steps should we take to protect our confidential information and trade secrets?

Our Work Has Just Begun the TAB Lobby Team prepares for the session.

Member Profile - Brenham National Bank Their People, Their Service, Their Best

A Message from The Chair.

Talk About Business The Right Time to Fight

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December 2012

Together! - Chamber partners gearing up for 2013 session.

Workforce Q&A - What issues should we consider when we are hiring new salespersons in the states into which we are expanding and would like to begin using noncompete agreements?

End of Year Report: 2012 Chair Rudy Oeftering.

Member Profile - Dee Brown, Inc. - Quality Stone and Masonry Construction Since 1955

College Funding Breakthrough - Major funding agreement reached.

Talk About Business The Un-Affordable Care Act

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November 2012

Workers' Comp Reforms Show TAB Value - Workers' Comp Rates Drop 49% Since 2005

Workforce Q&A - Can we impose a premium surcharge on tobacco users who enroll in our health plan?

The Serious Higher Education Challenge - Colleges also have to be second high schools.

Member Profile - Motion Computing - Serious Mobility Solutions for Serious Professionals

Job Descriptions Rule Killed

Talk About Business A Clear Grade for Schools

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October 2012

TAB Board Approves New State Agenda

Workforce Q&A - Can we legally take a commission away from salespeople for disciplinary reasons?

Member Profile - Broussard's Mortuary Providing Support and Service to Southeast Texans for Five Generations

Critical Election Days Away It Is Time To Vote

Talk About Business The Road Does Not Go On Forever

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September 2012

TAB to Lawmakers: Career and Technology Training is Essential to our Economic Future

Workforce Q&A - What are the ramifications of recently issued new EEOC requirements regarding criminal background checks?

Member Profile - Professional Answering Service - They Work for You

Congressman Johnson Honored At Dallas Event

Talk About Business Time for an Honest Budget

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August 2012

Drug Testing to Maintain Unemployment Benefits - Still a Long Way to Go

Workforce Q&A - As an employer, can I enter into our payroll system the expiration date of an employees Permanent Resident Card for the purpose of employment eligibility reverification?

Washington Woes, Texas Solutions - Texas Center for Federal Policy Releases New Priorities

Member Profile - R. W. Dirks Petroleum Engineer, Inc. Bringing Success to the Oil Industry for More Than 60 Years

TAB Honors Tommy Simmons

Talk About Business Texas Business - We Built Ours

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July 2012

The Future of Health Care What The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Means To Your Business.

Workforce Q&A - Can I have a policy to terminate any employee with a leave of absence that exceeds one year?

Holding Schools Accountable - Groups Say No New Money Without Accountability

Member Profile - Exparza's Restaurtante Mexicano Famous for Tex-Mex, Known for Margaritas

Our Dry Future How To Avoid Going Waterless

Talk About Business Time To Advance, Not Retreat From Accountability

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June 2012

The New Math - New Standards Weaker in Some Areas.

Workforce Q&A - Is there an IRS program allowing me to change contractors into employees with no penalties?

TAB Goes to D.C.- Conference Highlights National Agenda

Member Profile - Vulcraft and Century Industrial Coatings - Environmental Award Winners

Remembering Ken Legler - State Rep. and Former TAB Board Member Dies Suddenly

Talk About Business - Funding Our Water Future

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May 2012

endorsements for the May Primary - Early voting Begins May 14

Workforce Q&A - What must our company pay an employee subpoenaed to appear in court if that employee has no paid leave time available?

Can Jobs and A Lizard Go Together?

Member Profile - Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc.

Talk About Business - In Education, Efficiency Matters

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April 2012

Health Care Crossroads - Texas Business not Thrilled with ACA

Workforce Q&A -NLRB Notice Posting Requirement Changes

Texas 1 EPA 0

Member Profile - TurnerDuran Architects, LP

Talk About Business - Accountability Is More Than Just A Test

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March 2012

Work in Washington - Hammond trip pushes Texas business agenda, lays foundation for conference

Workforce Q&A - Disqualification for unemployment

We Have a Primary

Member Profile -JHL Company - Leading the way in public affairs, fundraising and event management

Talk About Business - Texas Economic Independence

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February 2012

Annual Conference a Record Breaker

Workforce Q&A - Pay Discrimination Audits and Lawsuits

Don't Fail Us - Education Accountability

Member Profile - Houston Community College

Talk About Business - Dear TEA: Make the Test Count

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January 2012






The New Drug Threat - Prescription Drug Abuse is Getting Texas Workers Hooked, and Killed

Workforce Q&A - Employees and Social Media Policies

A Year of Firsts at TAB's Annual Conference

Member Profile - Amerex Energy Services

Message from 2012 TAB Chair Rudy Oeftering

Talk About Business - Dear TEA: Make the Test Count

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December 2011



Time to think about Obamacare-What will you do about health insurance.

Workforce Q&A -Changes to union election proceedings

Driving the message home

Member Profile - Austin Glass and Mirror

2011 Chairman report

Talk About Business - Primary care, a primary concern

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November 2011



Message to Super Committee: Go Big

Workforce Q&A - When to use E-Verify

Board of Directors Ballot

Business Profile - Honors for TAB Team

Obama NLRB Requires Employers to Post Notice of Employee Rights

Talk About Business - The Committee needs to be Super

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October 2011

TAB's Second Annual Higher Education Conference - October 18

Workforce Q&A - Advice on Wall Street concerns

Texas has a proposition for you, actually 10 of them.

Member Profile - Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

A new concept to earn a college degree.

Talk About Business - Seven Dangerous Distractions

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September 2011






Career Ready Graduates - Schools and Businesses Partner to Ensure a Quality Workforce

Workforce Q&A - Confidentiality Agreements and the NLRA

Texas Back Under the Microscope - A 1999 Flashback

Member Profile - Blazer Electric and Satellite

Texas Center for Federal Policy Launched

Talk About Business - When Blackout Threats Become Reality

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August 2011



Washington Woes. Texas Solutions - TAB Launches New Policy Center

Workforce Q&A - More Department of Labor audits

Four in Focus - Washington Must Immediately Make Key Reforms.

Member Profile - Star Furniture

Franke Joins Team TAB

Talk About Business - Medi-scare? Reform Shouldn't Scare Us

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July 2011



Session in our Rearview Mirror-How Business Interests Fared in Tough Budget Year

Workforce Q&A - Should my business enroll in E-Verify?

Sun Sets on Session, But Not on Some Agencies

Member Profile - Trinity Hughes Construction

Needed Reforms Blown in During Special Session

Talk About Business - Cancel Washington's Unlimited Credit Card

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June 2011



Defending Against Government Overreach - Latest attack would politicize procurement.

Workforce Q&A - New whistleblower provisions.

Small Business to Washington - Get out of the way.

Member Profile - Midland Manufacturing Company

Session Recap: Tort Reform Package Passed

Talk About Business - Us Against Him: How the President Tears Down Texas

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May 2011



The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - A look at legislation impacting business.

Workforce Q&A - How the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act affects business

Member Profile - B-5 Construction

More doctors for more Texas

Talk About Business - Jobs or Lizards?

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April 2011



Road-Tested Solutions - State must commit to a world-class transportation system

Workforce Q&A - Break time for nursing mothers

Nelson Salinas: TAB's Education Lobbyist

Member Profile - Market Basket Food Stores

Education: A TAB Priority

Talk About Business - The Building Blocks for Texas' Future

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March 2011



Right Prescription for Health Care - Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Sen. Nelson offer smart reforms.

Workforce Q&A - Family medical leave act management

Texas to Washington: Make it Balance.

Member Profile - Hunt Advertising and Consulting

Shortfall shouldn't shortchange education

Talk About Business - Driving Toward Real Solutions

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February 2011



Dream Big Texas, We Did - A look back at the 2011 TAB Annual Conference

Workforce Q&A - Providing nursing mother space

What Texas leaders are saying about the Annual Conference

Member Profile - Gopher Industrial Inc.

Hammond makes power list

Talk About Business - A Right Prescription for Texas

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January 2011



EPA vs. Texas

Workforce Q&A - Using FMLA for an injured worker.

TAB's Annual Conference fast approaching

Member Profile - State Farm Insurance, Steve Allen Agency

Message from 2011 TAB Chair Brett Graham

Talk About Business - Difficult, but Doable

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December 2010



A Prerequisite for Continued Prosperity - TAB's Education Foundation Inaugural Higher Ed Summit

Workforce Q&A - Who is responsible for replacing damaged company property?

Chamber Partners Conference a Success

Member Profile - National Coupling Company, Inc.

Chair Report: 2010 Chair Gray Mayes

Talk About Business - A Prerequisite for Continued Prosperity

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November 2010



New TAB Foundation Formed to Advance Quality Education in Texas

Workforce Q&A - Are private agreements to arbitrate employment-related disputes still enforceable in Texas?

Texas Voters Cast Votes for Job Creation

Member Profile - University Title Company - Quality Service with a Personal Touch

Talk About Business - Historic Election Shows Great Promise For Business

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October 2010



Why Medicaid Managed Care Is A Must

Workforce Q&A - Deferred Adjudication.

Voters support Lawsuit Reform. Will Lawmakers Listen?

Member Profile - Graham International - Texas Company Keeps Businesses Moving

Talk About Business - Prosperity if Priority One

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September 2010



TAB Takes Aim At improving Higher Education

Workforce Q&A - Federal Government Contractors and mandatory arbitration agreements.

Pro-Business Picks - BACPAC Endorsements

Member Profile - Red Fly Studio

Keeping All Americans Working

Talk About Business - No New Taxes - No Way, No How

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August 2010



TAB support "Texas Back to Work"

Workforce Q&A - Can a Texas employer adopt a mandatory direct deposit policy

Spotlight on Jobs: Socialize Your Recruitment Strategy

Member Profile - Durham-Ellis Pecan Company

31st Annual Texas Employment Relations Symposium Wrap-up

Talk About Business - Time Is Wrong To End Bush Tax Cuts

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July 2010



TAB/Employers fight New IRS Requirements

Workforce Q&A - do the FMLA provisions override company policy regarding notifications?

TAB Leader Set to Retire

Member Profile - C.C. Battery Company, Inc.

Talk About Business - Drilling Moratorium Bad for Gulf, Bad for Jobs

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June 2010



EPA/Obama Launch Blow to Texas Economy

Member Profile - Standard Sales Company, L.P. Headquartered in Odessa This Buds For You Selling The Red, White And Blue In West Texas

Workforce Q&A - Are we required to give our employee time off to attend briefings associated with their spouse's overseas deployment?

Talk About Business - Pelosi uses IRS to Punish American Employers

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May 2010



TAB Continues Pushing Power of Education

Member Profile - IESI - Partners for a cleaner Environment

Workforce Q&A - Legal implications of outsourcing HR and payroll responsibilities.

Talk About Business - Saving Lives, Saving Dollars

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April 2010



Business Groups Denounce ObamaCare

Member Profile - Evins Personnel Consultants

Workforce Q&A - What is the "Franken Amendment" and how does this new law impact employers?

National Affairs Conference Agenda

Talk About Business - Liberal Agenda for America: Destroy Middle Class

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March 2010



TAB Readies for 82nd Legislative Session

Member Profile - Summit Financial Group

Workforce Q&A - When are you required to investigate an employees complaint and what should be placed in writing?

Talk About Business - A Business Climate on the Brink

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February 2010



Leaders tackle education at 2010 TAB Annual Conference

Perspectives - Effect of the Tea Party Movement

Workforce Q&A - What is the &ldquoFranken Amendment and how does this new law impact employers?

Talk About Business - Cant Tax And Spend Your Way to Prosperity

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January 2010



EPA Pursues Radical Regulation

Member Profile - BGI Enterprises, Inc.

Workforce Q&A - Is an employee's electronic signature sufficient to establish that the employee received an employment policy?

Talk About Business - Success of Texas Business Hinges on Education

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December 2009



EPA-TCEQ Brouhaha Threatens Business Climate

Member Profile: Texans Can! Academy

Workforce Q&A - H1N1 and employee absences

Talk About Business - Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

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November 2009



Speaker Pelosi Passes Worst Bill Ever

TAB to Launch Dream Big Texas Program

Workforce Q&A - Personal use of computers at work.

Talk About Business - TAB to Spotlight Future of Texas Education

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October 2009



D.C. May Shut the Lights on Texas Business

Member Profile - Texas Instruments

Workforce Q&A - Importance of Policy Manuals.

Talk About Business - Why is Texas Leaving Its Children Behind?

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September 2009



TAB, Gov. Perry Fight Against ObamaCare

2009-2011 Employment Law Handbook released.

Workforce Q&A - Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

Talk About Business - A Reality Check for the White House

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August 2009



TAB Leads Historic Education Coalition

Member Profile - Allied Oilfield Machine & Pump

Workforce Q&A - New FMLA Regulations, What you need to do now.

Talk About Business - Angry About ObamaCare? I Am!

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July 2009



TAB Helps Launch Call for CoverageCampaign

Member Profile - Texas Farm Products

Workforce Q&A - Workforce Reduction - Requiring employees to take unpaid leave

Talk About Business - America Needs Real Solutions for Health Care Crisis

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June 2009



TAB Scores Big in Legislative Session

Member Profile - Corporate Facilities Management Services

Workforce Q&A - Changes in the Family and Medical Leave Act

Talk About Business - TAB Success is Due to Supporters Like You

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May 2009



TAB Legislative Goals Closer to Reality

Member Profile - United Supermarkets

Workforce Q&A - Weve heard a lot about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. What is its significance and what practices should we adopt going forward to ensure compliance?

Talk About Business - Its Time to Put Student Achievement First

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April 2009



UI Battle Heats Up In Texas Legislature

Member Profile - Providence Risk & Insurance Services, Inc.

Workforce Q&A - We are moving our plant to a different site. If some of the employees choose not to travel to work at the other site, will they be able to collect unemployment benefits if they quit?

Talk About Business - TAB Says No To Trial Lawyer Bailout

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March 2009



Lively Debate Highlights Immigration Summit

Member Profile - Sampson Steel

Workforce Q&A - How do you handle pay issues when you have to shut down the office or company when there is inclement weather? Do you need to pay the non-exempt employees?

Talk About Business - Obama Declares War on Texas

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February 2009



Annual Conference Sets Stage for Busy 2009

Member Profile - Talk O Texas

Workforce Q&A - How can I know that my company and our employees are working with a quality investment professional?

Talk About Business - Liberal Wish List Could Soon Be Reality

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January 2009



TAB Ready to Meet Session Challenges with Relentless Effort

Member Profile - Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Workforce Q&A - What is the Employee Free Choice Act(EFCA) and should I be worried about it?

Talk About Business - Remove Roadblocks to Texas Transportation Crisis

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December 2008



TAB Chamber Conference is a Home Run

Member Profile - James Avery Craftsman

Workforce Q&A - What options do we have for retrieving company owned equipment?

Talk About Business - A More Imperfect Union

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