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2011 Voting Record

The Texas Association of Business (TAB) is proud to publish For the Record 2011. This publication reflects lawmaker’s scorecards for the 82nd Legislative Session.

Our recently released Results publication shows you the fight businesses waged during this Legislative Session, a fight made even harder because of the budgetary constraints that the State dealt with and will continue to deal with. As you will see in our Results publication there were many victories and in fact TAB’s President and CEO Bill Hammond has called the 82nd Session “one of the best business sessions in recent memory.”

For the Record offers insight into how individual lawmakers voted on the issues critical to businesses, taxpayers and families. While the economy in Texas is starting to look up ever so slightly, there were serious challenges this Legislative Session, and there will be serious challenges during the next Legislative Session as well.

Each session, TAB contacts the Legislature about the bills and issues that impact small and large employers across Texas. TAB takes seriously the charge of holding lawmakers accountable for the way they vote on these issues. For the Record 2011 is one of the most valuable tools to hold legislators accountable and to ensure that they are addressing the needs of the business community.

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