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We need your help to get the message to Congress that Texas business needs the Export-Import Bank to be reauthorized.  According to a Houston Chronicle opinion piece:




"No state has more skin in the fight than Texas, which accounts for a fifth of the nation's exports.  More than 1,600 Texas companies, far more than any other state, have lined up for the bank's help since 2007 to help secure loans and credits for foreign buyers of American goods."  3,000 American small businesses rely on the Export Import Bank to sell their products overseas and compete in the global marketplace. But Ex-Im, which supported one point three million American jobs over the last 6 years, shut down on June 30 because Congress failed to renew the bank's charter. Thousands of jobs are now in jeopardy. It's not too late for Congress to do the right thing and move quickly to renew Ex-Im before good American jobs go overseas. 

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Below is the Ex-Im letter (from Texas businesses) that was distributed April 15, 2015 to the 38-member Texas Congressional Delegation and other key committee chairs.

 As businesses, customers, exporters, economic-creators and stakeholders in Texas, we comprise 517 companies, chambers of commerce, economic development groups, business organizations, elected officials, and individuals representing nearly 200,000 Texans. We are requesting your support for long-term reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im). Ex-Im provides vital export financing that is otherwise unavailable to many exporters and users in Texas. At the same time, it incurs no cost to American taxpayers. In fact, Ex-Im Bank will generate an estimated $14 billion dollars profit to U.S. taxpayers over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Many businesses – large and small – rely on the Ex-Im Bank. Ex-Im Bank has helped over 1,000 Texas companies finance $19 billion in exports. More than half of these exporters are small businesses. Approximately one-quarter of all Texas manufacturing jobs rely on exports. Texas is the nation’s #1 exporting state and the largest user of Ex-Im Bank. As such, Texas consistently outpaces national export growth with $279.7 billion exports in 2013. We must continue to create jobs and to drive economic growth. And we need Ex-Im Bank to do it. With the Ex-Im Bank set to expire on June 30, 2015, a multi-year extension is imperative for Texas businesses to remain competitive. Foreign exporters have continuing access to their country’s Export Credit Agencies. Industrialized nations - approximately 65 countries - have their own version Ex-Im Bank dedicated to promoting their countries’ exports. The economic prosperity of Texas will be significantly affected if the Ex-Im Bank is not reauthorized. We are confident that you and your colleagues in the Texas Congressional Delegation understand the importance of the Ex-Im Bank and recognize this opportunity to reform and strengthen this important resource for America’s exporters. For this reason, we are asking that you support a long-term reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

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President Ronald Reagan supported the Ex-Im Bank #exim4jobs @ronaldreagan40 http://goo.gl/S7ctQ9

FACT: Ex-Im Bank has returned about $7 billion to taxpayers in the last 20 years. That's why it needs to be reauthorized now. #exim4jobs

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President Reagan's chief jobs expert to Congress: Reauthorize Ex-Im! #exim4jobs http://goo.gl/S7ctQ9

NATIONAL SECURITY officials tell Congress: Ex-Im benefits our national security. #exim4jobs http://goo.gl/d0DTPO @madeleine

Good to see BIPARTISANSHIP around Ex-Im. 31 governors from both parties support Ex-Im #exim4jobs http://goo.gl/ELOd7E


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