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Expanding Medicaid Managed Care in Texas

Despite financial troubles across the globe, Texas weathered the economic storm better than any place in America; in large measure due to state leaders passing sound public policy. From championing fiscal restraint to reducing lawsuit abuse, from public education to worker’s compensation reform, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) has led the fight on the toughest legislative battles to date.

The State of Texas is now facing a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall in the next biennium. In the midst of the back-and-forth attempts between agencies and leaders to identify and root out waste, TAB believes ridding the State’s ledgers of fraud and abuse must be priority number one.

Nowhere can we identify potential savings easier than in the health care arena.  By expanding the Medicaid managed care system in Texas, we can save over $160 million in the next three years. What’s even better than the savings? Increasing the access and quality of health care services to thousands of Texas citizens, while
saving business and taxpayer dollars.

TAB is committed to ensuring that families across Texas have top-notch access to health care and excellent quality of care, all while producing a cost savings. The sky-rocketing health care costs in the three exempted Texas counties are adding tens of millions of unnecessary dollars to our tax burden. Read what’s inside the
report that our team put together. The following pages, and the answers contained within, may shock you.

Texas knows Medicaid managed care works—both for the Medicaid recipients and for Texas’ budget. The employers and citizens of Texas deserve to have the best costs and the best access to health care services throughout our entire state.

Bill Hammond

President, Texas Association of Business

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