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Public policy decisions made in Austin and Washington D.C. have a dramatic impact on every employer in the state.  TAB keeps you aware year round of what’s going on to push a pro-business agenda.  During the Texas Legislative Session, TAB’s Governmental Affairs staff gives you the information you need to influence change in the legislative process.  You’ll be briefed weekly on what’s happening and instant information always is available via TAB’s social media pages on Twitter and Facebook and on our website.

Here’s how we keep you up to date and involved in the process:

  • TAB’s Website, web.txbiz.org – Gives you up-to-date legislative and agency related news, so that members have critical information anytime.
  • Social Media – TAB is active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, constantly sending out stories and other information that keep you informed on the issues and what we’re doing to impact those issues.
  • VoterVoice Action Alerts – The most effective tool for TAB and its members to impact the legislative process.  TAB’s web-based legislative grassroots network alerts members to the latest actions at the state and federal capitols via email, and allows them to fax or email a message to their legislator through our website.  Registering for this service is free and only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Position Briefs – Summaries advising members about public policy issues and their potential impact on Texas business.
  • State Affairs Update – A weekly update during legislative sessions to keep members informed on the latest legislative actions (every other week outside of session).
  • Texas Business Report – A monthly publication exclusively for TAB members that tells what is in store for Texas business and what TAB is doing to create change.
  • Talk About Business – TAB President Bill Hammond gives in-depth reports on complex and critical issues that business faces on the legislative and regulatory fronts.
  • TAB Results – A full report after every legislative session on how the TAB did in fighting for your business, what passed, what was killed and what issues will be worked on the next session.
  • TAB For the Record – Want to know how your lawmaker voted on key business issues?  For the Record will give you the answer, released at the end of every legislative session.
  • Voter Education Reports – Through surveys and voting records, TAB’s Political Action Committee carefully selects and endorses pro-business candidates across the state.  Through TAB’s newsletter and supplemental information, TAB BACPAC will arm you with the right candidates for business in your voting area.