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Insurance Programs

By using TAB members' collective strength, the Association has negotiated very favorable rates on a variety of insurance plans and benefit programs.  Many members find that the savings they realize through participation  in these sponsored programs more than offset the cost of their annual membership.

Management Liability Protection Including Directors and Officer's Coverage

The Texas Association of Business endorses Frost Insurance and Monitor Liability Managers to offer Management Liability Insurance to all Members. Endorsed programs provide all Texas Association of Business non-profit members coverage for directors and officers liability including coverage for our chambers of commerce membership. Coverage is specifically tailored for non-profit organizations.
Frost Insurance can also provide Texas Association of Business for-profit members coverage and consultation for management liability including directors and officers liability.
For more information about these plans Click here.

Property and Casualty Insurance

When it comes to property and casualty insurance for your business, you want to keep it simple. You don't want to spend time wading through complex language to figure out what's covered. The Texas Association of Business endorses Frost Insurance for their ability to provide TAB members with comprehensive, easy-to-understand insurance solutions for a broad range of businesses and tailored for specific industries.
Click here to see the types of property and casualty coverage available for your industry and/or for your size of business.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Through Frost Insurance, TAB endorses workers' compensation benefits and services for its member companies. Programs features include competitive rates, premium discounts, deductible credits, and the opportunity for dividends* based on experience for qualifying accounts. Risk consulting is provided by Frost Insurance, a Texas-based insurance agency dedicated to serving TAB members. (*Note that dividends cannot by guaranteed by any insurer.)
Click here for additional information and an application worksheet which will enable Frost to advise you of your options.

Dual-Option Dental Plan

The dual-option dental plan allows an employer to choose between offering employees a dental HMO or a Reduced-Fee-for-Service (RFFS) Dental Plan.   The DHMO offers reasonable rates with no-charge services that include routine x-rays and cleanings, topical fluoride, local anesthesia and oral exams.  Many other services are provided at substantial discounts.  The RFFS Dental Plan has lower fees for participation, but the list of covered services is limited.  Each plan has its own Dental Provider Directory, and both include discount vision, hearing and prescription drug benefits at no additional cost.  There is a three-employee minimum participation requirement for the dental plan.  Descriptive information and sample enrollment documents are available.  For a list of DHMO network providers, click here. (http://www.compdent.com/)

High-Limit Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

This is voluntary coverage that requires no employer contribution and no minimum participation.  It provides 24-hour protection for employees and their families, available in amounts from $10,000 to $500,000.  Also, employees are eligible for $1,000 of no-cost coverage (which TAB purchases for members) and many other no-cost features, now with free Identity theft coverage included.


For more information on any of these product offerings, please contact:
Sandra McGee
Vice President, Employee Relations & Finance
Texas Association of Business
1209 Nueces St.
Austin, TX 78701-1719
Phone:  (512) 477-6721      Fax:  (512) 477-0836
E-Mail: smcgee@txbiz.org