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1/14/2016 Press Release
Business and Commerce Political Action Committee Announces Primary Endorsements

Business and Commerce Political Action Committee Announces Primary Endorsements


AUSTIN, TX— The Business and Commerce Political Action Committee (BACPAC), the political arm of the Texas Association of Business (TAB), today announced its endorsements for the 2016 primary elections in Texas.

“BACPAC endorsed candidates in the majority of races in Texas,” said TAB CEO Bill Hammond.  “The BACPAC Board endorsed a strong list of pro-business candidates committed to economic growth. There are a few races in which we did not endorse candidates.  Many of those races will be revisited before the primary runoff election and some will be revisited before the general election.”

Below is a full list of the endorsements issued by the BACPAC Board.  Races not listed were not endorsed at this time.


State Supreme Court:

Place 3:                                    Michael Massengale

Place 5:                                    Paul Green

Place 9:                                    Eva Guzman


U.S. House:

District 1:                                Louie Gohmert

District 3:                                Sam Johnson

District 4:                                John Ratcliffe

District 5:                                Jeb Hensarling

District 6:                                Joe Barton

District 7:                                John Culberson

District 8:                                Kevin Brady

District 11:                              Michael Conaway

District 13:                              Mac Thornberry

District 14:                              Randy Weber

District 17:                              Bill Flores

District 20:                              Joaquin Castro

District 21:                              Lamar Smith

District 23:                              William Hurd

District 26:                              Michael Burgess

District 27:                              Blake Farenthold

District 28:                              Henry Cuellar

District 29:                              Gene Green

District 31:                              John Carter

District 32:                              Pete Sessions

District 33:                              Marc Veasey

District 34:                              Filemon Vela

District 36:                              Brian Babin


Texas Senate:

District 1:                                Bryan Hughes

District 4:                                Brandon Creighton

District 11:                              Larry Taylor                           

District 12:                              Jane Nelson

District 18:                              Lois Kolkorst

District 19:                              Carlos Uresti

District 21:                              Judith Zaffirini

District 26:                              Jose Menendez

District 27:                              Eddie Lucio Jr.

District 28:                              Charles Perry


Texas House:

District 1:                                Gary VanDeaver

District 2:                                Dan Flynn

District 3:                                Cecil Bell

District 6:                                Matt Schaefer

District 7:                                Jay Dean

District 8:                                Byron Cook

District 9:                                Chris Paddie

District 10:                              John Wray

District 11:                              Travis Clardy

District 12:                              Kyle Kacal

District 14:                              John Raney

District 15:                              Mark Keough

District 16:                              William Metcalf

District 17:                              John Cyrier

District 19:                              James White

District 20:                              Marsha Farney

District 21:                              Dade Phelan

District 22:                              Joe Deshotel

District 24:                              Greg Bonnen

District 25:                              Dennis Bonnen

District 29:                              Ed Thompson

District 30:                              Geanie Morrison

District 31:                              Ryan Guillen

District 32:                              Todd Hunter

District 33:                              Justin Holland

District 35:                              Oscar Longoria

District 45:                              Jason Isaac

District 47:                              Paul Workman

District 52:                              Larry Gonzales

District 54:                              Scott Cosper

District 55:                              Hugh Shine

District 56:                              Charles “Doc” Anderson

District 57:                              Trent Ashby

District 58:                              DeWayne Burns

District 59:                              J.D. Sheffield

District 61:                              Phil King

District 62:                              Larry Phillips

District 63:                              Tan Parker

District 64:                              Rick Hagen

District 65:                              Ron Simmons

District 66:                              Matt Shaheen

District 68:                              Drew Springer

District 69:                              James Frank

District 71:                              Stan Lambert

District 72:                              Drew Darby

District 73:                              Doug Miller

District 79:                              Joe Pickett

District 80:                              Tracy King

District 81:                              Brooks Landgraf

District 82:                              Tom Craddick

District 83:                              Dustin Burrows

District 84:                              John Frullo

District 85:                              Phil Stephenson

District 86:                              John Smithee

District 87:                              Walter “Four” Price

District 88:                              Ken King

District 89:                              Jodie Anne Laubenberg

District 91:                              Stephanie Klick

District 92:                              Scott Fisher

District 94:                              Andrew Piel

District 96:                              Bill Zedler

District 98:                              Giovanni Capriglione

District 99:                              Charlie Geren

District 106:                            Patrick Fallon

District 112:                            Angie Button

District 113:                            Cindy Burkett

District 114:                            Jason Villalba

District 115:                            Bennett Ratliff

District 121:                            Joe Straus

District 122:                            Lyle Larson

District 127:                            Dan Huberty

District 128:                            Wayne Smith

District 129:                            Dennis Paul

District 130:                            Tom Oliverson

District 132:                            Mike Schofield

District 133:                            Jim Murphy

District 134:                            Sarah Davis

District 138:                            Dwayne Bohac

District 145:                            Carol Alvarado

District 150:                            Debbie Riddle


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