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Texas Employment Law Handbook

Trying to Keep up with Ever-Changing State Employment Law Issues?

Find all the answers in just one book published by Texas Association of Business and the Texas State council of SHRM — the leading business authorities in the state.

The Answers at Your Fingertips.

Looking for an answer for your latest employment dilemma? Look no further than the Texas Employment Law Handbook. The Texas Employment Law Handbook is written by Texas Labor Law Attorneys and focuses exclusively on the needs of Texas employers.

The Texas Employment Law Handbook delivers practical, hands-on advice that you need to keep your business in compliance with the ever-changing state and federal labor laws. It is available on the worldwide web, so no matter where you are or what you are doing you can have the answers.

The Texas Employment Law Handbook arms you with the information you need to keep you out of the courtroom. Earlier this year as well as last year, many critical cases were decided that affect how you deal with employees and how you run your business. TAB's Employment Law Handbook puts all these new changes together with other in-depth advice.

TAB will now be publishing its handbook online, ensuring that it reflects the latest changes in  employment law.

TAB has published the Texas Employment Law Handbook since 1989. From Texas payday rules to Workers' Compensation, all chapters are researched and written by board-certified labor law attorneys.

Use the book that is available in every Texas Court Library. TAB supplies each Texas court library with a book to reference in employment-related cases.

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