Voting Record

Did Your Lawmakers Make the Grade?

For the Record 2013


For the Record 2013 reflects lawmaker’s scorecards for the 83rd Legislative Sessions. Also included in this document is TAB’s Results publication that illustrates the victories that were won for Texas business.

For the Record offers insight into how individual lawmakers voted on the issues critical to businesses, taxpayers and families. While not every legislator won an award, we urge you to look at individual votes as there are some who championed specific issues for TAB and should be recognized for their efforts in those areas.

Each session, TAB contacts the Legislature about the bills and issues that impact small and large employers across Texas. For the Record 2013 is a valuable tool to hold legislators accountable and to ensure that they are addressing the needs of the business community. When the Legislature adjourns, TAB begins the process of reviewing the votes. While every final passage vote in the House and Senate is a record vote, many of the votes leading up to final passage are not. That means that there can be more record votes on bills that are high profile or controversial and fewer on bills that aren’t. The job of TAB is to request and capture record votes taken on bills that provide a snapshot of how members supported business across-the-board.

Legislators who score 90-100 based on our voting criteria are recognized as Champions for Free Enterprise and legislators scoring 80-89 are noted as Fighters for Free Enterprise. As members may win only one award after each session, TAB will honor the higher of the two scores, either 2013 or the legislator’s cumulative score based on their TAB designated pro-business rating during the most recent session and sessions past.

Legislators depend on For the Record 2013 to reflect their actions during session. Constituents rely on it to know if their lawmakers are doing the job that they were elected to do. The business community counts on For the Record 2013 to assess which officeholders bring jobs to Texas, promote economic prosperity, and create a thriving workforce as part of their legislative priorities.

Legislator's scores in tabular format are available at:

House of Representatives


A copy of the booklet in Acrobat PDF format is available here.