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Did Your Lawmakers Make the Grade?

For the Record 2015


For the Record 2015 reflects lawmaker’s scorecards for the 84th Legislative Session.

Every session, TAB contacts the Legislature about the bills and issues that impact small and large employers across Texas. For the Record 2015 is a valuable tool to hold legislators accountable and ensure they are addressing the needs of the business community.

For a bill to be used on the TAB voting record, we make sure our stance was communicated through one or more of the following ways. TAB produced and delivered to legislators and their staff our priorities while also meeting face-to-face when possible on issues. In addition, TAB wrote letters on specific bills and provided oral and/or written testimony or registered its position in committee hearings. As an added benefit to legislators, TAB produced a floor report that was electronically delivered to legislative offices every morning that indicated TAB’s positions on each bill of interest on the calendar for that specific day. Offices also were given electronic access to all TAB memos and letters on issues as well as specific bills.

Legislators who score 90-100 on our voting record are recognized as Champions for Free Enterprise and legislators scoring 80-89 are noted as Fighters for Free Enterprise. TAB’s scorecard includes a specific score of the session as well a cumulative grade that spans over their career as a state lawmaker. TAB honors the higher of either score.

The business community counts on For the Record 2015 to assess which officeholders bring jobs to Texas, promote economic prosperity, and create a thriving workforce as a part of their legislative priorities.

Legislator's scores in tabular format are available at:

House of Representatives


A copy of the booklet in Acrobat PDF format is available here.