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3/14/2017 Press Release

Statement by Keep Texas Open for Business on Senate’s Passage of SB 6

Statement by Keep Texas Open for Business on Senate’s Passage of SB 6 

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The following statement from Keep Texas Open for Business in reaction to the Senate’s approval of SB 6 should be attributed to Chris Wallace, President of the Texas Association of Business:

“We’re disappointed the Texas Senate would choose to pass discriminatory legislation like Senate Bill 6, despite clear indications that its passage will have an economic impact in Texas. TAB remains committed to fighting and defending the Texas economy against bills that discriminate and run counter to Texas values.

Our members believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally, and we have heard what they know- equity and non-discrimination is a twenty-first century economic imperative. Senate Bill 6 is simply not worth the risk, and it will do nothing to improve personal safety.

“Given the overwhelming economic evidence, and the clear rejection of the public safety argument from Texas law enforcement, Senate Bill 6 is a solution in search of a problem, and we hope that the Texas House will strongly reject this measure.”

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Today, Keep Texas Open for Business and the Texas Association of Business sent a letter to the Texas Senate highlighting real-time economic impact and perspective from Texas law enforcement regarding SB 6. You can find that letter online at http://www.txbiz.org/2017/03/14/tab-sends-letter-senate-opposing-sb-6/

Additional Texas businesses and chambers have joined IBM, Apple, Celanese, HP, PayPal and others in signing onto the Keep Texas Open for Business letter to Texas lawmakers. Now, more than 70 businesses and organizations have signed the letter opposing SB 6. You can read the letter here: http://www.keeptxopen.org/bizletter.