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8/25/2016 TAB

TAB's Daily Message for Aug. 25, Telemedicine Support

This morning we released the results of a statewide survey showing big support for the use of telemedicine in Texas.  Let us know how your company is using telemedicine, or if you are looking at using it in the future for yourself and your employees. 

Bill Hammond

New Survey Shows Widespread Support in Texas
for Use of Telemedicine

Majority of respondents favor telemedicine as a way to receive care


AUSTIN, TX— A new statewide voter survey and a survey of Texas businesses point to broad consensus among Texans that telemedicine can expand access to health care and increase cost savings to patients, employers and the state.

The study, commissioned by the Texas Association of Business and conducted by Baselice & Associates, defined telemedicine as technology “[allowing] doctors and patients to use telephone and/or secure video chat to diagnose common medical conditions.”

“Texas Association of Business members consistently rank health care as one of the most critical and challenging issues for employers and their employees. TAB’s membership and leadership view telemedicine as a natural progression in the delivery of care that benefits employers and employees alike,” said Bill Hammond, CEO of TAB.

“The use of telemedicine is saving our company and our employees time and money,” said Star Furniture’s Gary Gibson, Chairman Elect of the Texas Association of Business.  “I am happy to see the widespread support for this technology, and I feel this is the beginning of a new frontier in health care that will mean a better continuity of care for our employees.”

According to the survey, of the 600 registered Texas voters polled:

?       70% favor the use of telemedicine to diagnose common medical conditions such as sinus infection, rash, urinary tract infection, or pink eye.

?       25% have used an emergency room to treat such common conditions – a much more costly and time-consuming alternative to telemedicine.

?       51% believe that access to health care providers has gotten more difficult.

?       24% of rural Texans have to drive 30 minutes or more to get to the doctor's office.

?       23% of Texans have to wait 14 or more days to see their doctor.

A survey of 159 TAB member businesses, the majority of which are small businesses, revealed:

?       77% favor the use of telemedicine to diagnose common medical conditions.

?       70% believe that access to health care providers has gotten more difficult.

?       18% of companies offer telemedicine as part of its employee health benefits package. The top reasons given were that telemedicine is an innovative benefit offering and provides cost savings to the company and employees.

?       100% of companies who currently offer telemedicine as a benefit plan to continue offering it, and 24% have plans to expand the benefit.

?       66% reported positive feedback on employees’ experience using telemedicine, and 0% reported a negative response from employees.


The survey examines attitudes toward telemedicine from both the voter and business communities and shows growing desire for this delivery method of health care. For more information about the 2016 Texas Voter Survey on Telemedicine and 2016 TAB Member Survey on Telemedicine, visit: http://www.txbiz.org/advocacy/telemedicine/.


The TAB statewide voter survey of 600 registered voters in Texas and 159 TAB member businesses was conducted by Baselice & Associates June 21 – 26, 2016 with a margin of error of +/- 4 percent and June 28 – July 7, 2016 with a margin of error of +/- 8.2 percent, respectively.


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